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A ‘unique online donor’ is determined based on email addresses. A single email address with multiple gifts to the same PWC Gives! organization will only be counted as one unique donor. In the event a donor makes a gift to more than one PWC Gives! organization, each PWC Gives! organization receiving a donation will be credited as having a unique donor.

Winners will be notified by email no later than September 3. Prize funds will be distributed by September 10.

The PWC Gives! organization (or registering umbrella organization) that wins the Grand Prize is not eligible to win the size-based unique donor prizes. PWC Gives! reserves the right to make the final determination as to which PWC Gives! organization has met the prize criteria. Winning PWC Gives! organizations must raise at least $300 during the 24 hours (calculated as 9:01 AM, September 1 – 8:59 AM EDT on September 2) to qualify for all prizes.

Tie-breakers: if there is a tie for any time period for total number of unique donors, the prize will go to the organization with the highest average donation during that time period.

The Prince William County Community Foundation will appear on the overall Leaderboards, however, Prince William County Community Foundation will only qualify for the Hourly Sponsored prize.