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A ‘unique online donor’ is determined based on email addresses. A single email address with multiple gifts to the same PWC Gives! organization will only be counted as one unique donor. In the event a donor makes a gift to more than one PWC Gives! organization, each PWC Gives! organization receiving a donation will be credited as having a unique donor.

Winning PWC Gives! organizations MUST raise at least $300 during the 24 hours (calculated as 9:01 AM, September 14th – 8:59 AM EDT on September 15th) to qualify for any/all prizes. PWC Gives! organizations CAN qualify to win in more than one category EXCEPT the PWC Gives! Flash Sponsored Prize.

Prize winnings are calculated between 9:01 AM, September 14th and 8:59 AM EDT on September 15th. Any donations submitted before or after the posted times DO NOT count towards prize winnings.

Offline donations DO NOT count towards prize winnings.